Chicken Veloute Soup Recipe

Chicken Veloute Soup Recipe
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Chicken Veloute Soup Recipe

Chicken soup! The history of chicken soup is debatable when it comes to the exact timeframe of its inception. Nevertheless, ancient civilizations likely began making broths from animal bones to extract fat, resulting in a soup that they would consume. Chicken soup is a type of soup made from chicken meat, typically cooked with other ingredients in water. Aromatics, including garlic, onions, leeks, carrots, and celery, are common components in many soup recipes, serving as the foundation for flavor development. These vegetables are typically sautéed in oil or butter to enhance the taste of your soup.

Carrots, celery, and onions all found in chicken noodle soup are excellent sources of vitamin C and K, as well as other antioxidants and minerals. “It not only helps in fighting against viruses, but it also aids in boosting your immune system. It helps to recuperate your body from illnesses more rapidly,” says Alonan.

Chicken soup is very beneficial. It aids in alleviating stomach discomfort. It is rich in protein, which is critical when compared to other foods. It supplies energy to the body and increases resistance to diseases. When the body is lacking in iron, chicken soup fills the deficit.

Ingredients for Chicken Veloute Soup:

  1. Chicken – 150 grams (cut into small pieces)
  2. Ginger – 2 slices
  3. Garlic Paste – 3 cloves and 2 whole garlic
  4. Onion – 3 tablespoons (chopped)
  5. Egg – 1
  6. Carrot – 1 cup (chopped)
  7. Beans – 1 cup (chopped)
  8. Cornflour – 2 tablespoons
  9. Black Pepper – As required
  10. Butter – 1 tablespoon
  11. Lemon Juice – Half tablespoon
  12. Coriander Leaves – 1 tablespoon
  13. Water – 4 cups
  14. Salt – To taste
  15. Oil – As needed

Instructions for Making Chicken Veloute Soup:

  1. First, heat a little oil in a frying pan. Next, wash the chicken pieces thoroughly and remove excess oil.
  2. Season the chicken with a small amount of salt and cook it in water with whole ginger, garlic, black pepper, and a bit of garlic. Stir well and let it simmer for ten minutes to prepare chicken stock. After ten minutes, when the water has reduced considerably and the oil has separated, remove the chicken stock. Keep the chicken stock in a separate container.
  3. When the water will get considerably foamy and the oil will separate, it’s time to strain out the chicken stock. Store the chicken stock separately.
  4. Take a little (4 tablespoons) of chicken stock from the chicken stock and dissolve 2 tablespoons of cornflour in it.
  5. Now, heat butter in a saucepan and lightly sauté the chopped garlic and chopped ginger, continually stirring.
  6. When they are fried, mix the chopped onions, and continue to sauté.
  7. Carrots, beans, a pinch of salt, and the remaining garlic. Lightly sauté the vegetables.
  8. When the vegetables are sautéed well, add the rest of the chicken stock.
  9. Now, add the cornflour mixture to the chicken stock. Mix it thoroughly. Next, break an egg and add it to the soup, stirring well.
  10. Finally, garnish it with lemon juice and coriander leaves.
  11. Serve your hot Chicken Veloute Soup.

Chicken soup has been popular as a remedy for the common cold for centuries. It’s a comfort food that’s known to soothe the soul, and its warm, hearty nature can provide relief when you’re under the weather. The combination of chicken, vegetables, and warm broth creates a nutritious and delicious dish.

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